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Ada Pradaman

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Ada Pradaman - Rice and jaggery pudding.
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Date Added: July 7, 2008 Season: Other
Category: Pudding/Payasam Prep. Method: Boil
Calories:   Dish Type: Soup / Chili
Serves: 6 Cuisine: South Indian
Prep. Time: 25    
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Ada Pradaman - Ingredients:

Rice,raw,soaked,pounded and passsed through a fine seive 2
1/2 cup
Water as required.
Ghee melted 3tbsp
Jaggery(gur) dissolved in 1/4 cup of water.
Coconut grated 12 cups
Sugar 2 tbsp
Ginger powder (sonth).
Cumin(jeera) powder 1/4 tbsp
Green cardamom (choti elachi) powder 1/4 tbsp.
Ada Pradaman - Directions:
  1. Mix the rice with enough water to make a smooth paste.

  2. Add the ghee and mix till the consistency thickens.

  3. Cut the plaintain leaf to the size of handkerchief and warm it over the fire so that it becomes tender.

  4. Pour 1 tbsp of batter into the leaf and spread it evenly..Roll the leaf up ,tie with astring and steam in a steamer for 3 minutes.

  5. When cooked remove from leaf and cut into small pieces.Repeat till all the batter is used up.

  6. Boil the jagerry till it is consistent.

  7. Extract 3 cups of thick coconut milk by grinding the coconut with 3 cups of water.Grind the coconut again with 8 cups water and extract 8 cups of thin coconut milk.

  8. In avessel pour jaggery syrup and add the pieces.when 1/4 of syrup is absorbed,pour some ghee and stir continuosly.When more than 1/2 of syrup is absorbed pour the second extract of coconut milk.

  9. Add the sugar and stir till it thickens.

  10. Add all the powder into first extract of coconut milk;mix well.Pour the mixture into the jaggery mixture

  11. Boil for some time and remove from heat.

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