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AMLA LADDU - Tasty, having content of vit C the maximum, palatable to all ages, less cooking time , not sensitive to teeth, with full nutritious value. Amla (in Hindi)/the goose berry of India called in tamil and malayalam Nellikai a medicinal fruit for the rejuvanation of the cells in our body makes every one young if consumed daily.
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Date Added: January 4, 2010 Season: Every Day
Category: Jam Prep. Method: Boil
Calories:   Dish Type: Sauces
Serves: 0 Cuisine: Indian
Prep. Time: 30minutes    
Rating: (8)  
AMLA LADDU - Ingredients:

  Amla (goose berry) :Half K.g.
    Sugar            : 10 tea spoons(/according to 
                       requirement of taste
    ajwain seeds     :roasted   half tea-spoon
AMLA LADDU - Directions:
  1. Grate/Scrape the fresh Amlas into very small units with the help of a kathukas and add sugar and ajwain seeds and heat in a pan till it is cooked together. It can be made into Balls when it is sticky. It is ready to serve. You can store it for many days. Do not add water or any liguid. It is better than chawanprash.It is crispy and tasty. Shivadurga

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