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Kappa Vevichathu

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Kappa Vevichathu - Tasty Kappa recipe.
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Date Added: May 7, 2009 Season: Every Day
Category: Tapioca Prep. Method: Other
Calories:   Dish Type: Vegetable
Serves: 5 Cuisine: Kerala
Prep. Time: 30 mins    
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Kappa Vevichathu - Ingredients:

Kappa(Tapioca) cleaned and cut into small pieces  2
Finely chopped Onion  1
Red Pepper Flakes  1 tsp
Curry leaves  1 sprig
Mustard Seeds  1 tsp
Oil as required
Salt  to taste.
Kappa Vevichathu - Directions:
  1. Wash tapioca pieces 2 or 3 times in running water.Drain it and keep aside.

  2. Boil water in a big vessel adding the tapioca pieces into it.When the water starts to boil,strain the water.

  3. Boil water with tapioca pieces and salt.

  4. Cook until it is soft and tender.Drain the excess water. Alternatively you can use a pressure cooker also to cook tapioca.

  5. Heat oil in a pan and allow mustard seeds to splutter.

  6. Add in onions,curry leaves and red pepper flakes and fry until onion turns brown.Mix in the tapioca using a wooden spatula.

  7. Serve with the curry .

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